S.T.A.R. Kids' Gym





 5156 River Road Suite F

Columbus, GA 31904

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Why Choose Us

All 3 of our interactive areas are intended to promote social participation, self-regulation, self-esteem, and self-confidence. Build skills for improved processing of sensory input through play on our rock walls, sensory bins, swings, ball pits, and more! Increase carryover of information by combining any play activity with a functional task such as school work and/or daily living task like shoe tying.

Our gym features 3 interactive spaces equipped for unlimited fun.

Activities are aimed to improve sensory systems and

promote skill acquisition for kids' daily occupations.

Occupations include play, sleep, and school 

Discover Our Space

Ease Motor Space has two designated areas for Infant/Preschool and Grade-school aged kids. Each space contains equipment and activities to help children gain needed sensory input for meeting developmental milestones.

Ease Motor Space is used for our Strength and Coordination classes as well as our Cognitive classes. 

Connor's Corner is our hands on area dedicated to reading, writing, experimenting, and exploring. 

PreSchool aged children to teens can access this area daily during our Open Play time.

Connor's Corner is where our Reading and Handwriting classes are held. 

Ty's Nook is a calming room designed to stimulate self regulation so that children can calm and focus themselves for better interaction with others and learning. It contains various equipment to engage the senses such as lights, sounds, and soft play objects.